Israeli-Hamas cease-fire criticized

JERUSALEM, June 19 (UPI) -- The cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas will only allow the Gaza militant organization to reestablish its military might, an opposition leader said.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the government's cease-fire agreement with Palestinian militants has already been described as "fragile" and would likely do little to stop Hamas from rearming, reported Thursday.


"I would like to know, what did we achieve here exactly? Hamas will not stop rearming -- (Hamas politburo chief) Khaled Mashaal said they wouldn't and the defense establishment already said the truce will be fragile," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu also criticized Israeli officials for agreeing to the temporary cease-fire without first winning the release of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier held prisoner by Hamas since June 2006.

He said the agreement was likely made due to poor leadership, reported.

"The government agreed because it has a policy of weakness. It promotes passiveness and the lack of action characteristic of many of the governments in Israeli history," Netanyahu said. "This is evident of a lack of leadership."

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