Suspect apologizes for train crash

GLENDALE, Calif., May 28 (UPI) -- A man on trial for murder after a failed suicide attempt caused a train to derail in California testified Thursday that he did not intend to hurt anyone.

Juan Manuel Alvarez told the court he had heard of two other people committing suicide by parking a vehicle in front of a train and they had not caused the train to derail, the Los Angeles Daily News reported Wednesday.


Alvarez, who is charged with 11 murders and arson, said he even changed his mind about the suicide before the collision and attempted to back his Jeep off the tracks.

"It was stuck," Alvarez said. "The Jeep wasn't moving. I could just hear grinding -- metal on metal."

The suspect apologized to the families of the victims of the Jan. 26, 2005, crash in Glendale, which killed 11 people and injured 180.

"I believe some of the family members are here today," he said. "I'm sorry for what happened. I never meant to hurt your loved ones. That could have been my mom or dad."

Alvarez could face the death penalty if convicted.


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