Serb FM urges more talks on Kosovo

STRASBOURG, France, May 7 (UPI) -- Serbia's foreign minister warned that Kosovo's declaration of independence has caused divisions across all of Europe and destroyed its system of values.

Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, in a speech Wednesday to the Council of Europe's Ministerial Committee in Strasbourg, said that European nations should have been working to keep Kosovo united with Serbia rather than trying to "impose" Kosovo's independence, Serbia's B-92 radio said.


"The unilateral independence declaration has driven a wedge between us all and there's no pointing denying it," Jeremic said.

Kosovo's independence efforts have support among some western European nations; however the Serbs and their traditional Russian allies vehemently oppose them.

B-92 radio said Jeremic urged the committee in his speech to back further negotiations toward a solution acceptable to all sides.

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