Canada eyeing immigrant language tests

TORONTO, May 3 (UPI) -- Those attempting to immigrate to Canada to find jobs as skilled workers may soon be forced to pass mandatory language tests, officials say.

Canadian officials say the proposed immigration measures would make the process of immigrants proving they can fluently speak one of Canada's official languages more transparent, the Toronto Star reported Saturday.


Current immigration policy allows immigrants who claim to speak either English or French to bypass such tests through a simple letter.

The proposed tests have been opposed by some immigration lawyers, who have tabbed an insulting additional hurdle to applicants.

"Say you are French and want to take a job in Quebec and you are asked to write a French test. I see it as an insult to most people," immigration lawyer Alex Stojicevic told the Star.

"Same for those from the United Kingdom. English is called English for a reason. (Testing them) is just silly and embarrassing."

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