Gay bar ruled discriminatory to women

MONTREAL, April 30 (UPI) -- The Quebec Human Rights Commission ruled a Montreal gay bar discriminated against a woman last May by asking her to leave.

Audrey Vachon complained to the commission when she entered Le Stud bar in Montreal's Gay Village last year, she was asked to leave. Tuesday, the commission announced a settlement had been reached, but details weren't released, The Gazette newspaper reported.


In a statement, commission spokesman Robert Sylvestre said the bar, which has only one public washroom, had agreed to adhere to regulations.

"The only way they can bar access to someone is if they can demonstrate that person will threaten the bar's other patrons," Sylvestre said.

When the case was first brought against Le Stud, gay activist Rick Matthews lodged a counter-complaint against a women's health club called Curves that doesn't allow men entry, but the status of that action hasn't been resolved, the report said.

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