Bruno pledges to work with Paterson

ALBANY, N.Y., March 12 (UPI) -- New York Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, a Republican, pledged to support soon-to-be Gov. David Paterson in carrying out the people's business.

"We will deal not only with an orderly transition of government but also the economic and financial crisis before us today," Bruno, R-Brunswick, said in a news conference less than an hour before Eliot Spitzer announced his resignation as governor following reports linking him with a high-priced prostitution ring. Spitzer said his resignation is effective Monday at Paterson's request to permit what Paterson called "an orderly transition."


Bruno said he enjoyed "an excellent relationship" with Paterson in the statehouse and worked with him on a number of matters. Paterson served as the Senate minority leader.

Bruno, himself one of Spitzer's investigation targets, said the Senate and Assembly were expected to pass budget bills Wednesday, begin conferencing on them almost immediately and "do the work we were elected to do."

Bruno said it was time for "us and all New Yorkers to move forward."

Bruno said no one should take delight in Spitzer's situation.

"My heart goes out to his wife and family at this time," Bruno said. "He must deal with his problems in his own way."


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