Students injured in hallway pile-up

FALKIRK, Scotland, Feb. 15 (UPI) -- Paramedics treated students at a high school in Falkirk, Scotland, after a girl caused a hallway pile-up when she stopped to retrieve a shoe, a report said.

Several Denny High School pupils were taken to the hospital, and the rest of the 25 injured went home after paramedics arrived to treat sprained ankles, bruises and other injuries from the incident, The Scotsman reported.


"It would appear that the cause of the crush was an innocent and accidental trip by a pupil, who paused to retrieve a shoe but was overtaken by the mass of following pupils unaware that there was a problem ahead," the school's Head Teacher Stephen Miller said.

A Falkirk District council spokeswoman backed up Miller's claim that the hallways were being supervised by senior students and staff at the time of the backup.

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