Man denies intent to kill with bombs

DUSSELDORF, Germany, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- A Lebanese man arrested for trying to bomb two trains in Germany said in court that he never wanted to kill anybody.

Youssef al-Hajj Dib, 23, who has not been linked with a terrorist group, told a German court he did not believe in using violence to hurt citizens even though he contributed to a failed train bombing attempt, Deutsche Welle reported.


The bombs did not detonate because they were were incorrectly assembled, police said.

Al-Hajj Dib is being tried on several counts of attempted murder in connection with the July 2006 incident.

"I'm happy that at the last moment I was able to prevent innocent victims from dying," al-Hajj Dib said in court.

Al-Hajj Dib claimed his partner in the crime, Jihad Hammad, told him killing citizens was their duty.

In a separate hearing, Hammad reportedly said the scheme was Al-Hajj Dib's idea and that he was persuaded to join in the plan to protest caricatures of Prophet Mohammed shown in a newspaper in Denmark.

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