Mom of two sets of triplets indicted

DELHI , Ohio, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- An Ohio woman with two sets of triplets, whose home recently caught fire, is accused of swindling almost $1,000 from a bank, a report said.

Victoria Lasita, 40, and her family have been the focus of community fundraising since her home burned down Jan. 27 in a fire officials suspect was caused by a space heater, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.


A day before the house fire, police reportedly probed Lasita about her suspicious bank activities.

Lasita, who has one set of 4-year-old triplets and gave birth to the second set last fall, was indicted Tuesday by a Hamilton County grand jury on one charge of theft and three charges of passing bad checks, the newspaper said. Advantage Bank's losses reportedly total $997.74.

When Lasita's home burned down last week damages were estimated at $200,000 and the Delhi Township community reportedly rallied to donate more than $10,000.

"Those babies deserve a home. I would hope their gifts don't go to waste," prosecutor Joe Deters said.

Deters said the probability of Lasita serving time in jail is low because she is a first-time offender in connection to a non-violent crime.


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