Wreath maker donates to the fallen

HARRINGTON, Maine, Dec. 9 (UPI) -- A Maine company is donating thousands of wreaths to decorate veterans' graves in Arlington National Cemetery and elsewhere.

The Worcester Wreath Co. will donate 15,000 wreaths, including 10,000 for Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.; 2,500 for Togus National Cemetery near Augusta, Maine; and 2,000 more for 286 other veterans' cemeteries across the country, The Boston Globe reported Sunday.


"We've been very lucky here -- donating 15,000 wreaths is the least we can do," said company owner Morrill Worcester. "In this country, the harder you work, the better you can do. That's not true in a lot of other countries, and it didn't come without sacrifice."

His Harrington, Maine, company also shipped 70 wreaths to soldiers in Iraq, accompanied by cards handmade by local schoolchildren, the newspaper reported.

Worcester's holiday tribute to veterans began 15 years ago when his company ended up with too many wreaths. In 1992, he donated and delivered 5,000 wreaths. The number stayed the same until he doubled it this year.

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