Va. Tech massacre costumes anger students

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., Dec. 9 (UPI) -- Pictures of two Penn State students dressed as victims of the Virginia Tech massacre have caused outrage.

The snapshots taken at a Halloween party were posted on FaceBook, The Daily Collegian, the Penn State newspaper, reported.


A picture available to the public showed a young woman wearing an orange Virginia Tech T-shirt with bullet holes and blood smears.

Bill Mahon, a Penn State spokesman, said the pictures were apparently taken at an off-campus party. He released a statement describing the pictures as "appalling."

Cho Seung-hui, a student at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, shot and killed five teachers and 27 students before killing himself last April. Cho had a history of emotional problems.

Caitlin Beckett, a Virginia Tech sophomore who lost a friend in the massacre, said she was too upset even to join a demonstration over the Penn State pictures.

"I just didn't want to think about it -- it's just kind of sickening," she said. "You would think that people, after what happened, would have more respect than that ... even if it happened after five years, it wouldn't be OK."


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