Chicago to settle police-torture suit

Dec. 7, 2007 at 7:44 PM
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CHICAGO, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- The city of Chicago has reportedly reached an agreement with four men who allegedly were tortured for their confessions by former police commander Jon Burge.

Unnamed sources cited by The Chicago Tribune Friday did not disclose the amount of the tentative settlement. The City Council's Finance Committee is expected to consider the settlement when it meets Monday.

Three of the men won pardons and were released from deathrow. Attorneys for the fourth alleged victim, Aaron Patterson, also had been negotiating with the city on a settlement.

A tentative $14.8 million settlement that reportedly was reached earlier this year by city attorneys and lawyers for Leroy Orange, Stanley Howard and Madison Hobley never was recommended for council approval by Mayor Richard Daley, the newspaper reported.

In July of last year, special prosecutors released a report stating there was proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Burge and four other former police officers abused suspects to extract confessions in the 1980s.

Prosecutors Edward Egan and Robert Boyle also concluded that none of the men can be charged with a crime because the state's three-year time limit on felony charges had passed.

"We have considered every possible legal theory that would permit us to avoid the effect of the statute of limitations," the report said. "Regrettably, we have concluded that the statute of limitations would bar any prosecution."

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