Congress returns to busy workload

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- Congress returned Monday to a long end-of-the-year to-do list that includes budget talks, middle-class taxes and war money.

Political divisions over Iraq, meanwhile, have some worried Democrats will stalemate on issues or face White House vetoes.


"The more they take Bush to the woodshed on Iraq, the more difficult it is to bring over moderate Republicans," Neil Newhouse, a Republican pollster, told the Wall Street Journal.

Issues at hand include an omnibus spending bill, a budget to keep government operating after Dec. 14, the alternative minimum tax, and the Pentagon's pledge to furlough civilian workers before Christmas unless Congress ponies up more money.

Congress also will debate expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program and a farm bill that is stalled over banning subsidies to farmers earning more than $200,000.

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