Italian bomber evidence tampered with

ROME, Nov. 26 (UPI) -- Tests on a key piece of evidence against the sole suspect in Italy's "Unabomber" case have found the evidence was tainted.

The evidence, a metal plate used in an unexploded bomb, bears marks that had been thought to have come from a pair of scissors owned by suspect Elvo Zornitta but prosecutors said ''the conclusions of the new tests have established that the evidence was tampered with,'' ANSA reported Monday.


A forensics expert is being investigated for allegedly altering the marks to make them fit with the state's case against Zornitta, ANSA said.

The Unabomber, named after the U.S. bomber who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998, is believed to be responsible for some 30 explosions since 1994.

Zornitta expressed gratitude to the new forensics experts for the ''courage'' they displayed in ''revealing the truth.'' However, speaking as to whether he believed the development would lead to his acquittal, the suspect said he will be keeping his celebratory bottle of champagne on ice until pretrial hearings are completed.

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