Casey defends Democrats' Iraq funding bill

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 (UPI) -- Sen. Bob Casey, delivering the Democratic response Saturday to President George Bush's radio address, reminded U.S. voters of the cost of the Iraq War.

Those include the loss of 3,800 U.S. lives, the strain on the U.S. military and the money spent on the war instead of domestic needs, Casey said. Casey, D-Pa., defended Democratic attempts to tie funding for Iraq to a withdrawal strategy.


"With the cost of the war increasing every day, the need for a new course out of Iraq has never been clearer. Democrats have tried to set that course again and again this year, but each time, President Bush and his Republican allies in Congress have blocked us," Casey said.

Casey said the Democratic bill provides the troops with the resources they need while mandating that the Iraq mission shift to training Iraqi forces.

"Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings," Casey concluded. "We are all blessed that despite great odds and grave challenges, our men and women in uniform continue to serve us with uncommon valor. We hope and pray that next year, many more of them will be able to spend Thanksgiving with their families."


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