Officials probe bomb, letter threats

NEW YORK, Nov. 8 (UPI) -- Officials used bomb-sniffing dogs Thursday to check luggage at a New York airport after receiving a bomb threat involving the plane.

In Florida, meanwhile, law enforcement officials, including hazardous material personnel, were called to the Fort Lauderdale office of state Sen. Ron Klein to investigate suspicious mail, CNN reported.


In the Florida matter, people were evacuated from the building, although it was not known whether the evacuation was only from Klein's office or the entire building.

Officials reported a "suspicious substance" was in either a letter or several letters, CNN said.

In New York, luggage was removed from an American Airlines flight from Chicago that landed at LaGuardia Airport and searched by bomb-sniffing dogs on the tarmac after officials received report of a bomb threat, CNN said.

The plane was moved to an isolated area. The 117 passengers on board were allowed to deplane and then bused to the terminal.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed a "credible" bomb threat was made.

After the dog search of luggage strewn on the tarmac found nothing, the Transportation Security Administration issued an all-clear.


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