Arson suspected in fatal British fire

LONDON, Nov. 4 (UPI) -- Arson investigators searched Sunday for clues to an industrial blaze that killed one firefighter and left three missing in a village in England.

One firefighter was confirmed dead and three were missing after a suspicious fire at a food storage warehouse in Atherstone on Stour, Warwickshire, Britain's Observer reported Sunday.


One of the missing men, Ashley Stephens, 20, had a 2-month-old baby, while another, Darren Yates-Badley, 24, was married just two weeks ago, the newspaper said.

"This is a very small village and we have never seen anything like this before. We are not used to having helicopters overhead and emergency services whizzing around," said Steve Brown, a local resident.

Three of the firefighters feared dead in Friday night's huge blaze were part-time, prompting questions about the training and protection for Britain's 18,200 part-time firefighters, The Telegraph reported Sunday.

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