Does CIA have prison on remote island?

LONDON, Oct. 19 (UPI) -- A British parliamentary committee plans to investigate claims that the CIA operated a "black site" prison on Diego Garcia, an island in the Indian Ocean.

The British government allowed the United States to lease the entire island as a base more than 30 years ago, forcing its 2,000 residents to move.


The investigation will be done by the all-party foreign affairs committee, The Guardian reported Friday.

Reprieve, a group that represents some detainees being held at Guantanamo, Cuba, has been pushing for the committee to interrogate U.S. and British officials about Diego Garcia.

Reprieve's legal director, Clive Stafford Smith, said he is certain the CIA is operating a secret prison on the island.

The Bush administration has admitted the existence of CIA prisons where suspected terrorists are questioned. But their locations remain a secret.

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