Cannibal describes meal of human flesh

KASSEL, Germany, Oct. 16 (UPI) -- A German cannibal serving a life sentence for killing a man he met online told a TV interviewer that the human meat tasted like strong bitter pork.

In the interview broadcast Monday night on RTL, Armin Meiwes connected his fascination with cannibalism to his desire for a younger brother -- "someone to be part of me."


Bernd Brandes was one of several hundred men who volunteered when Meiwes said in Internet chatrooms that he was looking for "men for slaughter." Meiwes ate a human steak fresh and froze the rest, working his way through about 40 pounds before he was caught.

The interview was Meiwes's first since his conviction, Der Spiegel reported. He described eating Brandes with a green pepper sauce and Brussels sprouts and croquettes on the side.

"The first bite was of course a peculiar, indefinable feeling at first because I had yearned for that for 30 years, that this inner connection would be made perfect through this flesh," Meiwes said.

Meiwes, who conceded that he needs therapy, will be eligible for parole in 15 years. A pretrial psychiatric examination found him legally sane but the examiner said that he has "a severely disturbed soul."


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