Anti-Semitic graffiti at Columbia U.

NEW YORK, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- A swastika and anti-Semitic cartoon were found drawn in a men's bathroom stall at Columbia University.

The symbols appeared a few days after a noose was placed on the door of a professor at Columbia Teacher's College, The New York Post reported.


University President Lee Bollinger sent an e-mail to faculty, staff and students. He did not describe the cartoon, which showed a man wearing a yarmulke, in detail.

"I do not want to broadcast, in any way, the message they attempt to send or empower those behind them," Bollinger wrote.

The university turned over surveillance tapes from cameras near Professor Madonna Constantine's office after police subpoenaed them. Columbia officials said they did not act voluntarily because of concerns for student and staff privacy.

Constantine told ABC's "Good Morning America" she did not feel especially threatened by the noose.

"I know I don't really have a reason to be embarrassed about it because this was the work of someone who, you know, is not a secure person at some level," she said. "But it felt as though it was directed toward me. It felt very personal and degrading."


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