Palestine wants peace summit declaration

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Oct. 6 (UPI) -- A top Palestinian National Authority negotiator has demanded a declaration of principles for an upcoming regional peace conference be reached soon.

Ahmed Qureia, who is heading up his organization's negotiations with Israel, said if a declaration of principles cannot be reached soon, it likely would not take part in the international peace conference, Ynetnews reported Saturday.


"If that happens, the situation won't be good, and we will have to decide between two alternatives: To go or not to go (to the conference). The content of the document is the important thing. If the document contains vague statements -- it should not be composed at all," Qureia said.

Ynetnews reported the former prime minister added the Palestinian National Authority would not officially recognize a Palestinian state that did not include Jerusalem or Gaza.

"There is no point to a state without Gaza or Jerusalem," he said. "All talk about a state without Gaza or Jerusalem is empty talk and a waste of time. The state is Jerusalem, and is not complete without Gaza."

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