Romania, Moldova in spat over visa fraud

BUCHAREST, Romania, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- Romanian President Traian Basescu accused Moldova Wednesday of fabricating allegations a Romanian diplomat accepted bribes to issue visas.

Speaking in Bucharest, Basescu said officials in Chisinau, Moldova, made a diplomatic blunder Friday when they made the allegations against the diplomat, who has since returned to Romania, reported.


"This is yet another orchestrated aggression, and this time our response will be extremely tough," Basescu said. "The entire trick was to film the Romanian public servant with an envelope, not knowing whether he was giving or receiving it."

The president said the allegation is technically impossible, as no visas are issued in Chisinau. He said applications are received and processed in Bucharest and then returned.

There was no immediate response from Chisinau.

Moldova was part of Romania until the Soviet takeover. After the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, Moldova declared its independence.

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