2nd generation peacemakers meet in London

LONDON, July 20 (UPI) -- Children and one grandchild of famous leaders and peace activists of the 20th century launched the Gen II Global Peace Initiative in London this week.

The project is the brainchild of Martin Luther King III, son of the assassinated U.S. civil rights leader.


Joining him last Tuesday for their first meeting were Dalia Rabin, Nadim Gemayel, Justin Trudeau, Naomi Tutu and Christine Chavez.

"We share the names of people who gave their lives to make a better place," said King. "It is incumbent upon us ... to continue to carry on our parents' dreams."

The group was briefed on the human rights situations in Sudan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Myanmar and North Korea. They said they would decide on their action plan by the end of the summer.

King Abdullah of Jordan and Arun Gandhi, though not present in London, have expressed their support for the group.

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