Bosnia seeks war crime fugitive convict

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina, May 30 (UPI) -- Bosnian authorities issued an international warrant for the arrest of a Bosnian Serb war crimes convict who escaped from a prison last week.

In Sarajevo, Judge Medzida Kreso, chairman of the Bosnia-Herzegovina court, told reporters Bosnian Serb Radovan Stankovic, while in prison, was sending death threats to a judge who sentenced him and a prosecutor who raised charges, the Bosnian Fena news agency reported Wednesday.


The court has assigned special protection measures for the two men.

Kreso said it wasn't known whether Stankovic was in Bosnia or he had fled to Montenegro.

The Bosnian Serb government in the northern town of Banja Luka Wednesday fired the prison warden in Foca, in eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Stankovic was serving his 20-year jail term for war crimes in 1992, the Bosbian Serb news agency Srna reported.

Aleksandar Cicmil, the warden of the Foca prison was considered responsible for the escape of Stankovic, who ran away while being driven in a police car to a dental clinic not far from the jail.

Nine guards and their chief at the Foca prison have also been dismissed.

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