French leader calls for end to violence

PARIS, May 8 (UPI) -- French Socialist leader Francois Hollande Tuesday called for an end to the violence that followed Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential victory.

About 100 people were arrested Monday night in Paris and other major cities around France, in the second night of rioting after Sunday's election, Deutsche Welle reported.


Hollande, speaking on RTL-Radio, said voting is the only way toward real change.

"Everyone who indulges in these acts of violence only does those people a service who want more order and strictness," Hollande said. "But we need dialogue and respect instead of violence."

About 200 young people rampaged in the Place de la Bastille Monday night, overturning telephone boxes and burning four cars. Sunday's riot was far more violent, with hundreds of cars burned and almost 600 arrested.

Sarkozy -- who defeated Segolene Royal, Hollande's longtime partner, with 53 percent of the vote Sunday -- is on vacation with his family in the Mediterranean. He takes office as president next week.

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