Washington considers tolls

WASHINGTON, May 2 (UPI) -- Officials in Washington say it's time for non-residents who drive into the city to start paying for the privilege at a tollbooth.

"If you go to any other state or city, you'll find tollbooths," said Council Member Marion Barry, the Washington Times reported. "You go to New York, all up and down I-95, you'll find toll booths -- any place except the District."


Barry has proposed legislation that would form a commission to study imposing tolls at the city limits.

"More than 400,000 non-residents are on our streets every day, getting police protection, fire protection, causing potholes. ... We love them, but they ought to pay some money for tearing up our streets," Barry said, the Times reported.

Co-sponsor Kwame Brown said Washington needs the money that tolls could provide.

"I have friends that drive in from Virginia and say, 'What's wrong with your roads?'" Brown said. "Well, if you pay a quarter, like you would if you go out to Reston, (Va.), then we'd have the same amenities you have."

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