Bush talks trade with Colombia's Uribe

WASHINGTON, May 2 (UPI) -- U.S. President George Bush and his counterpart from Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, talked about free trade over breakfast at the White House on Wednesday.

Afterwards, the two leaders spoke to the media, and Bush said the trade plans he's pushing Congress to approve for Colombia, as well as Panama and Peru, would be good for "job creators, workers and farmers" in all the countries, as well as for democracy.


"These agreements are more than just trade votes," Bush said. "They're signals to South America that we stand with nations that are willing to make hard decisions on behalf of the people."

In turn, Uribe vowed his country was still intent on shutting down the drug trade as part of its quest at establishing a democracy with social benefits.

"We haven't won yet in eradicating illicit drugs, but we are winning," Uribe said. "The more our country can export, the better for my country to have high quality jobs, with affiliation to the social security system."

Before thanking Bush for the visit, Uribe also said briefly Colombia is an ally in combating terrorism.


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