Fundraisers fleeing Clinton camp

WASHINGTON, April 20 (UPI) -- Democratic campaign strategists say an increasing number of fundraisers are lending their services to presidential rivals of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

The strategists say the fundraisers are alienated by the Clinton campaign's aggressive method of dealing with prospective donors and pressure from the campaign to either raise money for Clinton or sit out the Democrats' nominating process, The Washington Times reported Friday.


"The Clinton camp has been very tough on contributors. I've heard that 'if you don't contribute to us, don't contribute to another campaign.' I've heard that," said Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, who recently joined up with former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards. He previously managed Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign.

Some fundraisers said the reason they are steering clear of Clinton's campaign is because they will not be allowed any influence, no matter how much they raise.

"If you are not part of that original Clinton family, you are never going to be part of her inner circle," said a former senior Democratic Party campaign official, speaking on condition of anonymity. "What this translates into is: Why invest in her campaign when whatever you do, you will never be part of it?"


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