EU stands by criticism of U.S. rendition

WASHINGTON, April 18 (UPI) -- In testimony before a U.S. House committee, members of the European Parliament repeated their criticism of U.S. renditions of terror suspects.

Last year's report criticized the practice of transporting suspects to such countries as Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Morocco and Uzbekistan, and holding others in some secret European prisons.


Tuesday, Jonathan Evans, chairman of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the United States, told the House human rights subcommittee the practice was hypocritical.

"Let's never forget, we are allies who share common values, of freedom, democracy and the rule of law," Evans said. "In promoting these values elsewhere in the world, we must ensure the maintenance of those values in our own countries."

Critics of rendition, first used by President Bill Clinton, claim suspects are taken to countries and tortured, although the Bush administration denies that, saying it has assurances interrogation measures are conducted lawfully, Voice of America reported.

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