Bush: Send war funding bill I can sign

March 23, 2007 at 2:28 PM
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WASHINGTON, March 23 (UPI) -- U.S. President George Bush Friday called on Congress to "do its duty" and send him a war funding bill he can sign.

Bush, flanked by a number of people dressed in military uniforms, sharply criticized the House passage of a supplemental appropriations bill that "has too much pork, too many restrictions and an artificial timetable" for pulling out of Iraq.

The House voted 218-212 to approve a $124 billion supplemental appropriations measure that set an August 2008 deadline from bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq.

"Democrats in an act of political theater voted to substitute their judgment for that of our military commanders on the ground," Bush said, vowing to veto the measure and accusing Democrats of "undermining" Gen. David Patraeus and the progress U.S. troops are making in securing Baghdad. He said it is clear that his veto will be sustained.

Bush demanded Congress send him a "clean bill I can sign without delay" because of the "significant disruptions" that will ensue if the money is not provided by April 15.

"Democrats have sent their message. Now it's time to send them money," Bush said.

"I expect Congress to do its duty and to fund our troops and so do the American people and so do the good men and women standing here with me today."

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