Reputed ex-Nazi living in New York City

NEW YORK, Aug. 27 (UPI) -- An alleged former Nazi camp guard stripped of his U.S. citizenship three years ago still lives in New York City because no country will take him, officials say.

"Listen, I'm 84 years old; I'm not going anywhere -- except a funeral home," Jakiw Palij told the New York Daily News.


Palij is to meet this week with Homeland Security officials who have been trying to deport him.

Ukraine, Poland and Germany have balked at taking the retired draftsman, the newspaper said.

The government brought a deportation case against Palij in 2002, alleging he was a guard at the notorious Trawniki labor camp in Nazi-occupied Poland and a member of several units that committed atrocities against civilians.

Palij has claimed he was forced into the service at age 18 and would have been killed if he refused.

"I was nowhere near to any camp," he told the News. "I didn't hurt any Jews, anybody from Ukraine, Poland. Anybody."

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