3rd anti-U.S. protest at Scottish airport

GLASGOW, Scotland, Aug. 8 (UPI) -- Protesters were in a Scottish court Tuesday to answer charges of invading secure areas at Prestwick Airport to protest its use by U.S. military flights.

The demonstrations this week have been aimed at U.S. planes carrying precision bombs and other military equipment to Israel.


At Tuesday's hearing in Sheriff's Court in Ayr, two people were ordered held to await trial, The Scotsman reported. The other 15 were released on bail on condition that they stay away from the airport.

Five activists from Trident Ploughshares who described themselves as "war crime detectives" were arrested Monday night after they broke into a U.S. Air National Guard plane. They said they were searching for military material going to Israel.

The protest was the third at Prestwick, a large airport with little passenger traffic near Ayr. The airport is 29 miles southwest of Glasgow.

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