Mich. gov seeks Kevorkian medical report

LANSING, Mich., July 28 (UPI) -- Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm has ordered an independent medical report on Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the imprisoned euthanasia advocate.

Kevorkian was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison in 1999 for helping a Michigan man with Lou Gehrig's disease commit suicide. Kevorkian, 78, is reportedly in bad health himself, recently diagnosed with diabetes and walking only with difficulty, the Detroit News reported.


"That's great news -- the only thing better is if the governor sets a release date," Kevorkian's lawyer, Mayer Morganroth, told the newspaper.

Morganroth appealed four times to the Michigan Parole Board seeking early release. Kevorkian becomes eligible for parole next June.

A spokeswoman for the governor said that she is "not in the business of second-guessing the courts" but has commuted the sentences of seven people with severe health problems, the News said.

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