Joseph E. Boone, civil rights leader, dies

ATLANTA, July 16 (UPI) -- The Rev. Joseph E. Boone, a key civil rights organizer who marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr., has died in his Atlanta home at 83.

A central organizer of the Atlanta Movement of the early 1960s, Boone worked with King, Ralph David Abernathy, John Lewis and Andrew Young, but never received their level of recognition, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said.


Boone was "an unsung hero who never received the proper credit for all he did," said State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, a friend and fellow civil rights activist.

The Atlanta Movement led to the integration of lunch counters and department stores in Atlanta.

King named Boone as the chief negotiator of Operation Breadbasket, a program that pushed local businesses that sold products and services to blacks to hire blacks and give them equal opportunity to advance, the newspaper said.

In that capacity, Boone led a team of more than 200 ministers in more than 30 cities. He was succeeded in that job by the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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