Guantanamo detainees died by hanging

WASHINGTON, June 10 (UPI) -- Three terror-suspect detainees at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay were found dead by hanging Saturday morning, the Defense Department said.

If the prisoners are determined to have died by their own hands, they would be the first successful suicides at the detention center, CNN reported. A number of inmates are known to have attempted suicide.


In a statement, Joint Task Force-Guantanamo said two Saudis and a detainee from Yemen were found not breathing and were pronounced dead after emergency medical measures failed to revive them.

Josh Colangelo-Bryan, a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional Rights, which represents many of the detainees, said they have become desperate because they have been told they have no rights.

The commander of the joint task force disagreed.

"I believe this was not an act of desperation, but rather an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us," Rear Admiral Harry Harris said.

The U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service is expected to determine the cause of the deaths.

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