Family, friends remember terrorist Zarqawi

ZARQA, Jordan, June 10 (UPI) -- Hundreds of men gathered in Zarqa, Jordan to praise the late terrorist Abu Masab al-Zarqawi and plan the future of al-Qaida, it was reported Saturday.

The mourners in Zarqawi's hometown gathered under a makeshift tent Friday and listened to sermons praising him and al-Qaida, the Guardian reported.


Zarqawi, killed by U.S. forces in Iraq Wednesday, is now considered a martyr by many in Jordan, the newspaper said.

His funeral service -- without a body -- was described as a combination of reverence for the deceased and anger toward the United States and Israel.

"If a mujahid dies, hundreds of others will replace him," Sheikh Jarah al-Qadah was quoted as saying. "We will continue the jihad against the infidels everywhere, in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine ... see my brothers our victories in Somalia now, blessed we are and blessed to give sacrifices like the life of our hero Abu Musab."

Zarqawi's brother Muhammad said, "He sought martyrdom and, with God's blessings, he got what he wanted."

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