Couple still missing after ferry sinking

PRINCE RUPERT, British Columbia, March 24 (UPI) -- Two people were missing two days after a ferry sank while traveling between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

Shirley Rosette and Gerald Foisey, both of 100 Mile House, British Columbia, were passengers on the Queen of the North when it sank Wednesday. Relatives say they have not heard from them since, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Friday.


David Hahn, chairman of BC Ferries, told the Vancouver Sun that an un-manned mini-submarine will survey the wreck to see if there is any sign of the couple. Investigators say that some passengers report seeing Foisey and Rosette on land after the sinking.

The vessel was about 80 miles south of Prince Rupert when it struck a rock and sank. Coast Guard and local fishermen were able to rescue at least 99 people from the vessel.

The ferry had thousands of gallons of oil on board, raising fears of environmental problems. Booms were being used to contain the oil, which had spread widely but has not reached land because of winds blowing offshore.

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