Ferry sinks off northern British Columbia

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 22 (UPI) -- All aboard a ferry that sank Wednesday off British Columbia were reported safe, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reports.

The 410-foot Queen of the North struck a rock about 1 a.m. south of Prince Rupert off Gil Island in Wright Sound. Search and rescue officials said the vessel tipped to one side before becoming completely submerged.


B.C. Ferries President David Hahn pledged a full investigation. The ferry was carrying 99 passengers. Survivors, who were sleeping when the accident occurred, scrambled into lifeboats and were taken to Hartley Bay.

The ferry had been making the 275-mile journey from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy when it sank. The ship has a capacity of 700 people and 115 cars, the report said.

Service on the ferry line was suspended.

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