Disparities seen in speeding consequences

LONDON, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- Speeding motorists in Britain caught on cameras do not suffer the same consequences, depending on where they live.

The country's transport department has found that in some areas, such as Cheshire, Hertfordshire and Kent, nearly every offender caught on camera will be traced. However, in London and Manchester half of drivers escape fines and points on their drivers' license, reports the Independent.


Furious motorist groups are calling for greater consistency after 35 safety-camera partnerships showed huge regional discrepancies, says the report.

"You could be driving through one county where prosecution rates are high, but in another the message could be very different. Number-plate cloning or failure to update registration details are also problems that affect the figures," says one expert.

Paul Smith, founder of the SafeSpeed road safety campaign, opposes the use of speed cameras, saying: "Camera and computer enforcement of speed fines encourages people not to register their cars properly, so a huge number of vehicles are untraceable. There is no alternative to policing the roads if we want them to be safe."

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