Conservative critics bash Bush

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (UPI) -- Some conservatives say President Bush's withdrawal of the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination is not enough to quiet conservative critics.

Serious and long-developing rifts between Bush loyalists and conservative critics have remained largely hidden from public view, the Washington Times reports.


The Miers nomination led high-profile conservatives such as Richard Viguerie, Phyllis Schlafly and Paul M. Weyrich to break publicly for the first time with Bush.

George Conway III, a New York lawyer, said some nationally prominent conservative leaders have privately dissented from most or, in some cases, all of the president's initiatives.

He said conservatives are unhappy with the federal government's role in education; the welfare state through Medicare drug benefits; encroachment on personal freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism; the decision to go to war with Iraq; and what they see as mismanagement of the war.

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