Russia quells latest Chechen uprising

MOSCOW, Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Russian President Vladamir Putin vowed to fight Chechen rebels as Russian forces put an end to the latest rebellion.

The New York Times reports Russian security forces killed or arrested all of the insurgents in Nalchik and Chegem by Friday.


Dozens of hostages were freed after negotiations.

It's estimated that 72 insurgents, 24 Russian officers and up to 20 civilians were killed in the fighting.

Deputy Interior Minister Andrei Novikov said 31 arrests were made.

Putin praised the coordination of Russian law enforcement and vowed to fight any future rebellions.

Chechen rebels took over a Moscow theater in 2002, raided the city of Nazran and held a school hostage in Beslan, where hundreds of children died in 2004.

After those actions numerous complaints were made that heavy handed and poorly coordinated Russian forces led to the unnecessary loss of innocent hostage lives and the rebels ability to escape.

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