Missing hiker's body found after 10 years

WALSENBURG, Colo., Sept. 30 (UPI) -- Bones found in the Colorado mountains have been identified as the remains of a climber who vanished 10 years ago.

Della Duran, coroner of Huerfano County, said that Jim Mills of Fort Worth probably fell while on or near the summit of Mount Blanca, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. She believes a landslide may have covered his body and scattered his possessions.


Mills was with his son and brother on the trip. But the boy elected to stay at their campsite while his father headed for the summit and David Mills turned back, failing to persuade his brother to join him.

Mills' fate remained a mystery until two hikers found parts of a skeleton last month. Investigators who searched the area recovered his backpack and the contents of his wallet.

"Not finding him or knowing exactly what happened, if he fell, has been awful," Mills' sister, Carolyn Ebrahimi, told the newspaper. "It's like missing in action."

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