Taiwan ends campaign shooting probe

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Aug. 17 (UPI) -- Taiwan's chief prosecutor says the most likely suspect in the wounding last year of the president and vice president during the campaign is a man now dead.

Public Prosecutor-General Wu Ying-chao announced the finding of a special task force Wednesday in Taipei.


He named a man who has been identified as an outspoken supporter of the conservative opposition alliance of the Kuomintang and People First Party, Chen Yi-hsiung, who drowned in an apparent suicide a few days after the shooting of the Democratic Progressive Party candidates for re-election -- President Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu -- in Tainan City March 19, 2004.

Chen, grazed in the abdomen, and Lu, in the knees, went on to narrowly win the following day's ballot, with 50.12 percent of some 13 million votes cast in the country of 23 million people..

There had been speculation at the time the attack was staged in an attempt to gain a sympathy vote, but that theory was dismissed in the official report.

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