UK's Blair hails 'historic third term'

LONDON, May 6 (UPI) -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair has hailed a "historic third term" for Labor but acknowledged the people had acted to curb the party's power.

Speaking after winning his Sedgefield seat in the early hours of Friday morning, Blair said: "If the predictions are right, it... looks as if the Labor Party is heading for the first time in its history for a historic third term."


It was clear that the British people wanted the retutn of the Labor government but with a reduced majority, he said. Labor would have to respond to that "sensibly and wisely," he continued, and listen to people's concerns.

Blair accepted that the Iraq war had been "divisive," adding "But I hope now that we can unite again and look to the future, there and here."

Exit polls have indicated Labor's majority could be slashed from 160 to 66. Election experts said such a figure could put significant pressure on the prime minister to stand down from the top job sooner rather than later during a third term.

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