Two survivors pulled from train wreck

AMAGASAKI, Japan, April 26 (UPI) -- Two survivors were rescued but 89 people were confirmed dead Tuesday from the Japanese commuter train that derailed Monday and struck an apartment building.

The train, carrying 580 people, slammed into a nine-story building in Amagasaki, near Osaka. It was later determined the trail was moving at 62 mph, well above the speed limit for the bend where it slammed into a block of flats, the BBC reported.


Stones placed on the track has been given as a possible cause of the crash, but an investigation was ongoing.

Some 456 people were injured, 150 of them seriously.

Investigators suspect the train was speeding to make up for 90 seconds of lost time and pebbles on the railroad tracks may have played a part in the accident, the Kyodo news agency said.

Just before the accident, dispatchers radioed the driver twice, but the driver who was only recently licensed did not respond, the railway company said.

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