Afghan woman stoned to death

KABUL, Afghanistan, April 25 (UPI) -- A woman in Afghanistan was stoned to death after a local court found her guilty of adultery, according to media reports Monday.

It happened last week in the Afghan province of Badakhshan . Death by stoning of women found guilty of adultery was common under the Talibans, but Amina, 29, was the first to be executed since the ouster of the fundamentalist regime.


Shah Jahan Noori, a district police official, said the central government in Kabul was investigating information that a mullah or clergyman had passed the sentence.

"The decision was up to the magistrates and not to local dignitaries," he said. "Those responsible will be arrested and punished."

The reports said Amina was stoned to death by her husband, while her lover received 100 lashes and was released.

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