Lack of creationism worries school board

KOUTS, Ind., April 13 (UPI) -- School board members in Porter County, Ind., have delayed approving biology textbooks because they do not include sections on creationism.

"I personally believe that creationism ought to be, I think that ought to be out there as something that's taught," board Vice President Tim Bucher said Tuesday, the Northwest Indiana Times reported.


A panel of educators, parents and students selected the titles from the full catalog of state-approved texts after a two-month review process. All of the state-approved books explain the theory of evolution and do not mention creationism, which is the literal interpretation of the Bible.

Board President Bob Martin moved to delay the vote until board members had a chance to review the books themselves.

Only one board member opposed the delay.

"I understand their concerns for their beliefs," said board member Jill Bibler. "But I think that the state of Indiana has set up the standards and that's what we need to follow in terms of our textbook adoptions."

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