Mobster allegedly denied medical care

BOSTON, Feb. 23 (UPI) -- An admitted mob killer jailed in Massachusetts may have cancer but officials are not letting him get medical treatment, the prisoner's attorney said.

"Cadillac" Frank Salemme underwent medical tests last year while in a witness protection program and the results determined "immediate medical attention was needed," Salemme's attorney, Stephen J. Weymouth, told the Boston Herald.


Weymouth said, "They're trying to put the screws to (Salemme)" by refusing medical attention.

Prison officials told the newspapers they could not discuss Salemme case in particular but said prisoners could be scheduled for tests at a local hospital and not be informed until just before the appointment for security reasons.

A hearing was set for March 15 on Weymouth's allegations.

Salemme, 72, was arrested in November for lying to authorities about the killing of a nightclub manager. He had been placed in a witness protection program because he testified against a corrupt FBI agent, the Herald reported. Salemme has admitted to eight mob-related killings.

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