Mud wrestling photos from Iraq released

NEW YORK, Feb. 7 (UPI) -- Photographs of scantily-clad U.S. women in a mud-filled kiddy pool have emerged from Camp Bucca, a military prison in Iraq.

The prison at Umm Qas, Iraq, where prisoners from the Abu Ghraib prison were transferred, had been described as a model of reform, reported the New York Daily News Monday.


But the photographs show a cheering male audience of about 30 men watching the mud wrestling match with most wearing t-shirts bearing U.S. Army logos, but at least one wearing a uniform.

While, the Camp Bucca pictures from last fall show only military personnel, they do show what some have described as a disconcerting lapse in discipline.

"It was basically a good-bye party for those of us who were leaving and a welcome party for those coming in," Sgt. Emil Ganim of the 160th Military Police Battalion, told the News. "It was a chance for people to blow off some steam before coming home after spending a year in a combat zone."

The event was allegedly coordinated by sergeants of the 160th, according to the initial investigation of the incident.

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