Most Aceh tsunami survivors are men

LAMTEUNGOH, Indonesia, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- Most of the 100,000 people killed by the tsunami in Indonesia's Aceh province were women and children, the United Nations reported.

Three quarters of the survivors in tsunami relief camps are men or boys, because many are fishermen, who survived at sea, or farmers in the hills above where the tidal wave hit, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.


In Lamteungoh, Indonesia, there are 105 widowers and 19 widows and many of the men say with their families gone they have lost their purpose.

"Life today has no meaning at all for me," one survivor said. "Now, suppose I find a job and make money. To whom can I distribute it?"

Many of the survivors were still reclaiming bodies from the village wreckage almost one month after the tsunami and some villagers were determined to keep the survivors together and build new homes closer to the mountains.

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